About italktravel

For as long as we can remember, we’ve been itching to move. 

A restless energy to explore and experience all things new.

You could say, we were born to experience.

At italktravel, we believe in the special, magical, unique travel experience.

Always personal and tailored, never predictable or simply ‘off the shelf’.

We experience first hand, then innovate and optimise travel solutions to create truly memorable experiences for our customers.

we believe in enduring relationships that keep customers coming back time and again.

We take great pride in our long standing and trusted travel industry partnerships.

Always optimising the best deal for our customers.

We believe in ‘talk not just click’.

To talk through travel experiences with our highly motivated, inspired team who seek to delight customers.

Each of us is unique. But one thing drives us.

Our desire to create experiences that move people.

Not just the physical. But emotionally to places they could only ever imagine.

We are your travel experience specialists