About Us

Our business has been operating for over 15 years in the current location and over 25 years in total.

We have recently changed our name as we have joined the italktravel & cruise franchise! We had been aligned to the purchasing group for a few years and got to know the integrity of the group. By joining as a franchise partner, we are taking advantage of advances in technology to help us serve our loyal and new customers better. We have refurbished our retail shop to provide a better shopping experience and will have access to better and more varied deals - so it is a win-win for both us and our clients.

John Fitzpatrick


I love travelling and have crisscrossed the globe in pursuit of new adventures for over 30 years.

Combining 8 years with Ansett Australia and 23 years in retail travel agency positions gives me a broad experience to draw from.

Born and raised in Bendigo and a great believer in family values I am firmly committed to the local community.

Just ask me I am an expert: I have visited 83 countries and touched nearly every continent and love getting amongst the locals in every destination I visit. The true benefit of travelling is talking to people from all cultures and understanding how they do things differently and for what reasons. It really highlights how lucky we are in Australia.

My Dream Holiday is: The next one I am planning. I love to go to a new destination every time, and whilst I have repeated trips, it is the challenge of the unknown that drives me.

Cruising Experience: I have sailed on Star Cruises, P & O Cruises, Princess Cruises, Celebrity Cruises and also on APT River Cruises and Avalon River Cruises. Also the benefit of ship inspections on Hapag Lloyd, Seabourn, Holland America and Royal Caribbean. Would love to Cruise more in the future particularly River Cruises with a new city to explore every day.

I’m Passionate about: Giving all our clients the best product at the best price, and improving their trips with the benefit of experience that we bring.

My most memorable travel experience: For me it was my first overseas trip spending 3 months experiencing the contrast between life in central Victoria and Europe. Visiting so many countries with the visa/border control and language differences. It opened my mind up to the possibilities and life experiences

When I hear the word Travel I think:  Fun and the freedom to explore

How will you help make your clients next travel experience unforgettable? My focus is always to listen to what the client wants to experience, offer suggestions and options and put together the best travel experience that they can get for their budget. I will continue to travel myself as much as possible as the more I learn the more the client benefits.

Michelle Barbarino

Travel Planner

Loving all things travel, I have a very long "bucket" list of places that I want to see and it keeps growing!

I started my journey into travel in the UK domestic travel market where I worked for the Holiday Cottages Group for over seven years.

Originally from Australia, I lived in England for almost 25 years before returning home in 2003 with my daughter and made Bendigo my home in 2014.

Just ask me, I'm an expert: While I can help with planning and/or hand designing any itinerary you give me, anywhere in the world, my real expertise is with the UK.

My Dream Holiday Is: My current dream holiday, which I am currently planning, is to explore Italy in depth and immerse myself in the culture, the beauty, and the delicious flavours that this stunning country has to offer.

Ship Inspection/Sailed On: I love cruising and I have experienced both sailings on and inspecting different cruise ships, including P&O, Princess, Cunard, Dream Cruises and Carnival and I look forward to experiencing more cruises in the future.

I'm passionate about: You, and what you want from your holiday! When it comes to value for money, quality of the product, original thinking, innovative ideas, and customer satisfaction these items are at the top of my list! If you already have a special interest or are keen to learn something new, then let me give it my full attention because your trip not only needs to match but exceed your expectations!

My most memorable travel experience: So far, my favourite destination has been New York, not only did the sights, sounds and smell capture my heart but I also loved the architecture of the so-called "concrete jungle" - which New York is far from!

When I hear the word "Travel", I think: Yes, please! New horizons, culture, food, adventure, relaxation and so much more, take me there I'm ready to explore!

Janelle Jeffrey

Travel Planner

I have worked with italktravel & cruise Bendigo Central since January '95 through its various brand identities. I love to travel and draw on these experiences to create new and interesting itineraries.

Born and raised in Bendigo means that I am passionate about supporting local business, and feel blessed to live in such a friendly and vibrant city.

Just ask me I'm an expert: My first overseas trip was to Western Samoa in March 95 and I haven't looked back. From all pockets of Asia, Europe and the US to the more luxurious Fiji and Maldives. Working holidays and personal breaks mean I have been fortunate enough to experience how wonderful our world truly is; and I draw on each and every one of these every time I begin working on a new itinerary.

My Dream Holiday Is: A long one. Taking a couple of months off and immersing myself in different parts of Europe. Watching the locals as I sip coffee, walking the cobbled streets, eating the local delicacies and drinking the local wine.

I'm Passionate about: The smaller details. Making sure I understand what clients need and delivering on it. It is so important to me that my clients have the most amazing experience and I do whatever it takes to do this.

My most memorable travel experiences: Africa... Having a sundowner (cold refreshment) whilst being only a few centimetres away from a pride of lions. My heart in my throat as they sat beside us, so close you could hear them breathing! Or the leopards that jumped on the roof of our vehicle; just as curious of us, as we were about them. Or the sound of the hippos talking to each other at night then coming out of the water as they walked around my luxurious tent. So many memories; I would go back in a heartbeat!

When I hear the word "Travel" I think: Relax. Sigh. Enjoy.

How will I help make your clients next travel experience unforgettable? By listening to what they truly want and doing everything I can to make that happen. By suggesting the little extras. From the bakery tour in Paris to the Jack the Ripper tour in London. Something for everyone.

Kerrie Henkel

Travel Planner

My love of travel began 27 years ago when I left Australia with a brand new passport and my backpack to travel through the Americas, Europe and Asia for an unforgettable year of adventure and cultural experiences.

I have had the travel bug ever since.
Just ask me I am an expert: I have visited over 44 countries and explored many amazing cities.
I have experienced everything from travelling on a budget, travelling with small children, indulging in luxury escapes, experiencing rail adventures, relaxing on cruise ships and enjoying Adventure travel.
My dream holiday:  My dream holiday would be to visit Central America, in particular to Mexico to explore the Mayan ruins and to sip a Margarita or two on a lovely white sandy beach.
Cruising Experience: I have sailed on P&O Cruises, Princess Cruises, Carnival Cruises, Norwegian Cruises, Royal Caribbean Cruises and Scenic River Cruises.
I have recently inspected the Crystal Symphony, it is a beautiful and very classy ship.
I am passionate about: helping my clients plan their perfect holidays and adventures. I love sharing my travel tips and experiences with them and I always look forward to hearing my clients travel stories when they return.
My most memorable travel experience: would have to be hot air ballooning over the Valley of the Kings in Egypt.
When I hear the word travel I think: "where will I go next?"
How will you make your clients next travel experience unforgettable? I take the time to listen to my clients as they describe their perfect holiday and then I make suggestions and work with them to make it all happen.