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European Discoveries


Flavours of Europe

from $4,694 pp, including flights

9 Days | Visiting Italy, Switzerland, France

Experience the essence of Europe as you travel through bustling Rome and Paris, stopping off in Renaissance Florence, the colourful ocean-side villages of the Cinque Terre and the glittering snow-capped peaks of Switzerland. Explore local life as you enjoy small-group dining in Lucerne and cross paths with locals who are passionate about sharing Europe’s rich heritage, culture and traditions with you.

Mediterranean Journey

from $7,049 pp, including flights

9 Days | Visiting England, France, Spain, Monaco, Italy

From Europe’s most prestigious locales to its quietest corners, this sun-kissed itinerary suits the discerning traveller who’d like to combine the excitement of Europe’s big cities with perfect relaxation. Join a foodie walking tour through Paris, embark on a tour of some of San Sebastian’s finest pintxos (tapas) establishments, and savour a fine selection of wines in Bordeaux and Tuscany. 

More European Discoveries:

ItineraryDurationVisitingPrice from
European Rhapsody10 DaysEngland, Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria$4,994 pp
European Flair11 DaysEngland, Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Italy$5,124 pp
European Dream11 DaysItaly, Switzerland, France$5,724 pp
Splendid Europe14 DaysItaly, Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands$6,694 pp
Highlights of Europe14 DaysEngland, Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, France$6,894 pp
European Discovery16 DaysEngland, Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, France$7,749 pp
Romantic European18 DaysEngland, Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, France$8,584 pp
European Grandeur26 DaysEngland, France, Spain, Monaco, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands$11,209 pp

Britain & Ireland


Focus on Ireland

from $3,474 pp, including flights

7 Days | Visiting Ireland

A private tour of Trinity College with fast-track entry to the Book of Kells, a Jaunting Car ride in Killarney, luscious green countryside, dramatic coastal scenery and the ‘lilt’ of Irish voices all make for an exceptional journey.

Britain and Ireland Explorer

from $5,774 pp, including flights

13 Days | Visiting: England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales

The leisurely pace and beauty of the Irish countryside blends with historic English towns, Welsh hospitality and the austere Scottish Highlands, for a truly memorable exploration of the British Isles.

More Britain & Ireland Trips:

ItineraryDurationVisitingPrice from
Best of Britain9 daysEngland, Scotland, Wales$4,424 pp
Country Roads of Scotland9 daysScotland$4,494 pp
Irish Elegance8 daysIreland$4,524 pp
Elegance of Great Britain11 daysEngland, Scotland$5,124 pp
Country Roads of Ireland12 daysIreland$5,224 pp
Country Roads of Wales, Devon & Cornwall11 daysEngland, Wales$5,449 pp
Best of Ireland and Scotland14 daysIreland, Scotland$6,324 pp
Romantic Britain and Ireland18 daysEngland, Scotland, Ireland, Wales$7,474 pp
Britain and Ireland Discovery22 daysEngland, Scotland, Ireland, Wales$8,449 pp

Spain, Portugal & Morocco


Amazing Spain & Portugal

from $3,849 pp, including flights

9 Days | Visiting: Spain, Portugal

Delve beneath the surface of these two amazing countries. Sample their signature dishes, share in their culture and marvel the legacy of their rich sea-faring history.

Treasures of Spain, Portugal & Morocco

from $5,774 pp, including flights

17 Days | Visiting: Spain, Portugal, Morocco

A kaleidoscopic adventure that takes you from some of Europe's most cosmopolitan cities, to an exotic and vivid land of medinas and minarets. 

More Spain, Portugal & Morocco Trips:

ItineraryDurationVisitingPrice from
Highlights of Spain9 daysSpain$4,149 pp
Best of Morocco10 daysMorocco$4,394 pp
Easy Pace Spain10 daysSpain$4,724 pp
Northern Spain11 daysSpain$4,774 pp
Country Roads of Portugal11 daysPortugal$4,794 pp
Best of Spain and Portugal15 daysPortugal, Spain$6,074 pp
Grand Spain and Portugal18 daysSpain, Portugal$7,549 pp
Spanish Heritage18 daysSpain$7,749 pp

Italy, Sicily & Malta


Sicily in Depth with Malta Option

from $5,649 pp, including flights

13 Days | Visiting: Italy, Malta

Uncover the legacy of this culturally-rich island, once occupied by ancient civilisations and continue on to Malta with its ancient temples, sunny beaches and warm-hearted people.

Country Roads of Italy

from $7,494 pp, including flights

16 Days | Visiting: Italy

Between the major cities, you'll find little-known gems like Orvieto, Assisi and Perugia, Tuscan hill towns, gastronomic icons, a formidable abbey and Italy's finest stretch of coastline.

More Italy, Sicily & Malta Trips:

ItineraryDurationVisitingPrice from
Easy Pace Malta6 daysMalta$3,249 pp
Sicily in Depth8 daysItaly$3,949 pp
Country Roads of Umbria and Tuscany9 daysItaly$4,394 pp
Country Roads of Puglia and the Neapolitan Riviera9 daysItaly$4,424 pp
Italian Intermezzo8 daysItaly$4,474 pp
Country Roads of Northern Italy10 daysItaly$4,874 pp
Best of Italy11 daysItaly$5,649 pp
Country Roads of Southern Italy and Sicily14 daysItaly$6,194 pp
Treasures of Italy11 daysItaly$6,394 pp
Grand Italy and Sicily17 daysItaly$8,149 pp

Alps, Central & Eastern Europe


ItineraryDurationVisitingPrice from
Highlights of Poland10 daysPoland$3,994 pp
The Bohemian9 daysAustria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia$4,094 pp
Easy Pace Budapest, Vienna and Prague10 daysAustria, Czech Republic, Hungary$4,474 pp
Dalmatian Elegance9 daysCroatia$4,874 pp
Glorious Switzerland8 daysItaly, Liechtenstein, Switzerland$4,949 pp
Country Roads of Croatia14 daysCroatia, Slovenia$5,649 pp
Highlights of Eastern Europe14 daysHungary, Slovakia, Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria$5,674 pp
Eastern Capitals and the Dalmatian Riviera14 daysAustria, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia$5,994 pp
The Eastern Discovery14 daysAustria, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Greece, Turkey$6,394 pp
Treasures of the Balkans18 daysRomania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Hungary$7,249 pp
Country Roads of Switzerland14 daysItaly, Switzerland$7,574 pp

France, Belgium & The Netherlands

ItineraryDurationVisitingPrice from
WWl Battlefields4 daysBelgium, France$2,724 pp
Normandy, Brittany and the Loire Valley8 daysFrance$4,549 pp
Country Roads of Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands11 daysBelgium, Luxembourg$5,294 pp
Country Roads of France16 daysFrance, Monaco$7,594 pp
French Heritage22 daysFrance, Monaco$10,924 pp

Northern Europe & Russia

ItineraryDurationVisitingPrice from
The Golden Ring5 daysRussia$3,494 pp
Warsaw and the Baltic States8 daysEstonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland$3,649 pp
Easy Pace Russia8 daysRussia$4,294 pp
Country Roads of Scandinavia12 daysNorway, Denmark$6,294 pp
Natural Wonders of Iceland9 daysIceland$6,949 pp
Russia, Warsaw and the Baltic States15 daysEstonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia$6,949 pp
Spectacular Scandinavia and its Fjords15 daysDenmark, Norway, Sweden$7,624 pp
Northern Capitals and Russia18 daysGermany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Belarus, Lithuania, Poland$8,194 pp
Grand Scandinavia20 daysDenmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden$9,124 pp
Scandinavian Heritage28 daysDenmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden$12,994 pp

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