Intrepid New Trips 2020

Get ahead of the trends

There are some places so untouched by tourism, none of your friends have been there. Travel experiences so farfetched, that you don’t yet have them on your bucket list. And then there are the old favourites, the places you’ve heard so much about, but are still waiting to experience for yourself. That’s why Intrepid are introducing a range of exciting new trips in 2020 – a mix of the classics and off-the-grid destinations.

From discovering ancient ruins in Northern Sudan, to wandering along the glorious beaches of the Albanian Riviera or taking an authentic cooking class in Bali. The world may feel a whole lot smaller than it used to, but there’s still plenty to be explored. Talk to us about booking one of Intrepid's new trips for 2020.

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Off-the-grid destinations

Now, more than ever, travellers are seeking experiences that are challenging, inspiring and unique. Intrepid loves nothing more than breaking new ground and bringing you experiences that broaden horizons, as shown by their ever-growing range of Intrepid Expeditions.

Active adventures

Whether it's an iconic trek like Everest Base Camp, a newer favourite like the The Transcaucasian Trail in Armenia, a Cycling trip or something entirely different like ziplining in Costa Rica, you can get active in all sorts of different ways on your next adventure.

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Travel with a side of wellness

For Intrepid, wellness is about improving your general state of being, whether mentally, physically or spiritually: a balance of adventure and downtime. So they've introduced more wellness experiences in 2020, all with an authentic local twist and a focus on relaxation.

Reconnecting with nature

Most of the world's population lives in cities and spends a lot of time indoors, so it's not surprising that we look to reconnect with nature on our travels. As travellers appreciating the value of the environment through tourism, you’re helping preserve these amazing places and the wildlife that call them home.

Incredible places to stay

Authentic, immersive, locally owned accommodation has always been central to the Intrepid experience; think Indian palaces, Moroccan gites, Japanese ryokans, Chinese monasteries, Mongolian gers, Korean hanoks, African basoto huts, to name just a few.

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