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Day 6: Nguna Island After the spectacular culture, rainforest, and volcano on Tanna, today you head to a pristine tropical island, renowned for its marine conservation area. It is a one-hour scenic drive via Efate’s west coast to our boat landing, followed by a half-hour boat ride to Nguna island. You may choose to spend the full day snorkelling in the marine conservation area. Expect lots of fish, maybe the occasional turtle, and plenty of hard corals and small canyons and crevasses to explore. If you are keen on walking there is the option of a three-hour walk to a community conservation area at Nguna’s smallest village – a mixture of historical relics, forest, and windswept cliffs. You will also have a chance to assist the community’s reforestation project through tree-planting. Accommodation is at a beachside bungalow run by village women. Included Activities: Nguna Island – Snorkelling, Tree planting activity Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner


The 83 island archipelago of Vanuatu boasts a diversity of experiences like no other South Pacific Island. 

On Efate, soak in the deserted cerulean pools of Lololima Falls as silk ribbons of water tumble over limestone boulders, scramble up the mossy pillows of the expansive Mele Cascades jungle falls, or swing from ropes into the turquoise waters of the Blue Lagoon.

Known as the island of fire, Tanna is home to Mount Yasur, the world’s most accessible active volcano. Climb to the rim, the moonscape of black ash and lava grumbling beneath your feet, gaze into the abyss of smoke, steam and bubbling lava before an infernal shower of lava erupts into the sky. 

Between April and June on Pentecost Island, witness the heart-pounding tradition of the Nagol Land Diving Festival. This ancient ritual sees men and boys as young as seven dive from a rickety 30m high man-made wooden tower, with just a vine leaf tied to their ankles. Reaching speeds of 45km as they plummet towards the earth, the divers believe this practice enhances health and drives away illness. The accompanying chanting, singing and foot stomping will leave you speechless. 

All this, only a few hours from Australia.


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