Book Safe Agent

At italktravel, we have developed our own unique Book Safe Agent insurance policy to protect “you” our most precious asset.

What this means is all your transactions through an italktravel store is protected. So if you were to arrive at your hotel, cruise or tour to find that due to insolvency you couldn’t check-in or board your money is 100% secure. The product also extends to funds transacted through the italktravel stores as well. So, if in the unlikely event something occurred, potentially outside of our control, your money is 100% secure via our Book Safe Agent insurance policy.
As a Book Safe Agent, we have taken extensive steps to ensure your money is as safe as possible when passed over to us through a combination of insurance policies.

In the unlikely event of losses due to insolvency on the part of a supplier, this insurance will reimburse partially or fully, any loss of money you have already deposited as covered under the terms and conditions of the Book Safe Agent Insurance Policy.

Will I be covered if I have paid for my trip and the supplier goes broke before I travel?


We have the Book Safe Agent insurances in place which are designed to protect our customers in these circumstances. If you have booked an AFTA^ Travel Accreditation Scheme (ATAS) supplier and they then go insolvent, we will make a claim to have your funds returned.

If you wish to have protection for overseas suppliers, ask us about our comprehensive Travel Insurance that can provide you with added peace of mind.

If I get injured or fall ill, will my hospital bills be covered?

No, not by this Insolvency Insurance. If you purchase Personal Travel Insurance, you may be covered in the event of injury or illness.


*Subject to the terms and conditions of the policy. The Insured party is the travel agency, as a participating member of the Express Travel Group. The insurer will only respond to claims made by the travel agent, or other participating members of the Express Travel Group.^ Australian Federation of Travel Agents. While the information is believed to be correct, no responsibility is accepted for any statements of opinion or any error or omission. The information set out is of a general nature and cannot be a substitute for professional financial or legal advice tailored to specific situations.